13 June 2018

Top Writer in Parenting

“Top writer in Parenting”

Wait. What?!? How did that happen?

Four of my stories do have the parenting tag but none of them have done particularly well, compared to what I’ve seen on Medium. I have never had a piece break 1,000 claps. I have never had a piece with more than 50 fans.

To be honest, I don’t know what being a “Top writer in Parenting” on Medium really means. It seems one of my pieces with the parenting tag did something to trigger an algorithm and generate that little distinction on my profile.

You know what? I’m just gonna take it.

I’m not going to try to figure it out. I’m not going to overanalyze it.

I’m going to enjoy the little bit of excitement I felt upon seeing “Top writer in Parenting” below my name. It brought a smile to my face.

If you’d like to unravel the mystery of how this happened, check me out over on Medium: https://medium.com/@WriterEJoyce

30 May 2018

(Not So) Flash Fiction

In early April, a Photo Prompt Flash Fiction Contest was announced in one of my writer groups. I had never written based off a photo prompt. I had never written anything categorized as flash fiction. Yet, I found myself intrigued.

Was this something I really wanted to do, a challenge I wanted to give myself? Or, was this just another way for me to procrastinate writing my book? (I had already gone weeks, again, without adding a single word.)

Simply put, flash fiction is a fictional short story with a specified word count. In the case of this contest, no more than 1,000 words based off of one of four photos (one for each of four different genres) and due by May 14th. This contest had no entry fee and a small chance at a modest prize and recognition – important factors in my decision (since I do not, at all, agree with giving original work away for free (if the publication will profit from it) or, worse, paying to have work considered or published).

I decided to go for it – to flex my long-dormant fiction-writing muscles.

I had more than a month, but I figured that it would be a pretty quick project. After all, on a good day, I can write a 1,000-word personal essay in an afternoon! It is called “flash” fiction, right?


Fiction proved more difficult than I remembered. Writing based off a photo prompt, more challenging than I anticipated.

I nearly threw in the towel, feeling like I was wasting too much time trying to create the perfect story. But, I didn’t want to give up. In the end, just days before the deadline, I went with the story I had, even though I felt like it fell short of my expectations.

This one was no prize-winner – but following through was an accomplishment to be proud of in itself.

16 May 2018

That’s Inappropriate

Back in March, I was invited to a video conference call with some big names in the mom-writer world: Meredith of That’s Inappropriate and Meredith of Perfection Pending.

The night of the video conference call arrived, I installed the app, had everything all set up, ready to join.. and then my anxiety got the best of me.


Luckily, it was recorded and I was able to watch it that same night.

There were only a handful in the call, those invited were a select group they wanted to work with to launch a new venture.

I was shocked, honored, awe-struck and, to be honest, confused. How in the world did I get on any list with the rest of these writers?!? It had to be a mistake.

The other writers in the group had their own established mom blogs with followers in the thousands! At the time, I had only two parenting pieces published! I have no mom blog and I had less than 250 followers on all social media, combined!

It certainly felt like a mistake for me to be included in this group – but, I was beyond excited that I had been placed in such company! The two Merediths must see potential in me, to ask me to be a part of launching their new platform!

Meredith of That’s Inappropriate had decided to branch out and add a contributor platform to her already successful website; Meredith of Perfection Pending would be the editor. The new platform was set to launch on April 15th and I had a new, original piece scheduled for the 24th! Later, it was decided that my piece from 2016 would be syndicated, as well, and run on the 21st.

I was thrilled! And possibly in a bit of disbelief, seeing as how I haven’t shared this story until now.

Everything launched and my pieces were published according to plan. Yesterday, the new platform celebrated one month of being live and I was informed that my syndicated piece had the top pageviews of all the syndicated pieces in that first month!

I am so happy – and proud – to be a That’s Inappropriate contributor. Many thanks to Meredith and Meredith for including me in the group of writers who got it started!